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In carcinoma of the breast the results thus far were most hopeful, although alternatives unfortunately, of a large number under treatment, all but one were of long standing. I have seen the"ringworm tongue" in syphilitic cases, but also repeatedly in those in detrola which no suspicious facts were obtainable.

No person having acute venereal disease, or any contagious disease, can be admitted to the 2mg Hospital. It will perhaps generic lie one of the marvels of history that a war of such insignificant proportions as that with Spain should lie the occasion for such momentous progress in medical science. Editor, it seems to me that a great many auditors not only waste their time, but get a distinct injury in these partially futile attempts, which I hope it will not be necessary to repeat: turntable. No wonder that many collisions between radio these departments occurred during the war with Spain. At that time I wrote a paper calling attention to the great frequency of varicocele in men of the age for military service, player and claimed that ordinary varicocele was no valid objection to the enlistment of men for military duty. This is very important, applii d later, if condil ion- foi immed BY MALCOLM BSTMOUB, M.D., BOBTG Thai gastro-intestinal disturbance effects in the course Of chronic interstitial nephritis is not uncommon is evident not only from the number of cases which come to our attention, but also from the newspaper reports of similar cases. Record - there are still many doctors who consider the frequent removal of the tonsils, and the extraction of teeth affected with pyorrhea as a fad. In view of the very great importance of this preliminary exam iiiation, it is to be regretted that there ls is not more evidence of care in its performance. The bottles in which it is sold are half pint, pint, and sometimes it is shipped what to the bottling plants in the city. Loss of pulsation, however, is found in cases of cardiac dilatation as often as in pericardial effusion (detrol). If any physician neglects or refuses to make such certificate, he shall forfeit and pay the sum of ten dollars for the use dosage of the town in which he LAWS AND ORDINANCES OF JURIES. Every sanatorium, and every home into which tuberculosis has entered, we feel that we have The Board of Directors of Stony Wold Sanatorium.lesire to express their sorrow and feeing of the loss vesicare we have suffered in the In the examination of patients Doctor Huddleston gave generously his time and professional skill, and be brnughl to Ihe service of Wold in the medical board the gentleness, good judgrnent, courtesy, and sustained interest which characterized his work in so many phases of the warfare against luberculosis.


Huinmocked surfaces, covered with nuicous memijrane, and, though containing muscle tissue, is in reality due to an underlying hypertrophy of the glandular tissue of the middle lobe of the prostate: the.

The greatest divergence of mg opinion has arisen over the determination of the normal basal metabolism, and this seems to have been due to certain material errors which may be briefly reviewed. He has been long recognized as an authority vs in this, as well as in other departments of medical science. He was made more comfortable About for two hours later the parental permission was given, and In' was immediately etherized.

Of course he is was ordered to eat with care and regularity. The "administration" broken surface was irregular in outline. Side - lie had also had about six doses of anti-gonococcic serum given him, without any noticeable benefit. And listen, while from the profound depths of an ever-credulous mass of humanity mount the hosannas of praise, the shouts of applause that dominate the cured of these flies! Death to the rats! Glory! Glory! The Surgical Treatment of Qastrlc The intervention of the surgeon in cases of gastric ulcer and has hitherto been limited to the treatment of those cases where perforation of the organ has resulted from the ulceration.

To - the face, hands, and feet, lower legs, and genitals were free.